Sheldon Art Galleries Press Photos

Dunia yoyo

Dunia yoyo, 2018

The Hill

The Hill, December 6, 2017, by Alessandro, 8 x 10 inches, courtesy of the artist and Forsyth School.

Alyssa Coleman

Alyssa Coleman, To Test, 2018, inkjet print, DIMENSIONS, courtesy of the artist.

Zlatko Ćosić

Zlatko Ćosić, Re-Birth, 2013, single channel video, 4:10

José Guadalupe Garza and Miriam Ruiz

José Guadalupe Garza and Miriam Ruiz, still from Anhelo [longing], dual channel video with sound, 2018

Priya Kambli

Priya Kambli, Dada Aajooba, 2017, archival inkjet print, image: 8 x 7 inches, paper: 22 x 17 inches. materials: family photograph and flour.

Rachel Youn

Rachel Youn, The view from Jeju Island 2018, digital print on vinyl, faux brick panel, wood, brass, 72 x 120 x 18 inches, courtesy of the artist.

Wallace Herndon Smith

Wallace Herndon Smith, Michigan Scene, n.d., oil on canvas, collection of the Bellwether Foundation.

Quai Branly

Quai Branly, Jacques Chirac Museum, photographed in 2007. Green wall by Patrick Blanc. Photo courtesy of Patrick Blanc Studio.

Evan and Stacey Smith

Evan and Stacey Smith, Liminal Space #1. 2017. wood, PVC, acrylic, colored gels, LED Lighting, 26 inches h x 45 inches l x 29 inches w, courtesy of the artists.


Rattle, Olmec, 1000 – 600 B.C.E., Region of ancient Chalchuapa, El Salvador, The Sheldon Art Galleries, Hartenberger World Music Collection. Gift of Dr. Aurelia & Jeffrey Hartenberger, Karrie Bopp, Jaclyn Hartenberger and Kevin Hartenberger.

Tamburitza Berda (Republic of Croatia)

Tamburitza Berda (Republic of Croatia), c. 1800s, 78 x 35 x 9 inches, wood, mother-of-pearl, metal, collection of Dr. Aurelia and Jeffrey Hartenberger.

Lewis Wickes Hine

Lewis Wickes Hine, (American, 1874 – 1940), Jewish Grandmother, Ellis Island, 1926 gelatin silver print, 13 3/8 x 10 3/8 inches; printed c. 1935, courtesy of the Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York.

Annie Lopez

Annie Lopez, Memorial, 2015, cyanotype on tamale wrapper paper, thread, zipper, 46 inches h x 35 inches w x 15 inches d, courtesy of the artist.

The Steward Family Plaza at the Sheldon designed by Benjamin Gilmartin

The Steward Family Plaza at the Sheldon designed by Benjamin Gilmartin, in collaboration with Andrew Colopy of Cobalt Office, M. Ludvik Engineering, Randy Burkett Lighting Design, DLANDstudio, and Powers Bowersox Associates.