When creating her fourth album, the soulful and reflective Silver City, Amy Helm was guided by her North Star: women’s voices. “Women whispering, singing, shouting their stories – speaking the truth. I wanted to dig into that inherited narrative and reach for what I could.” The epistolary anthology is a collection of conversations that travel through time, exploring and celebrating womanhood in all its complexities. Silver City blends the folk twang of Helm’s childhood with gospel and soul, drawing inspiration from varied stories: the life of Helm’s great-grandmother, the story of a young fan struggling with substance abuse, Helm’s own life as a single mother and hard-touring singer. Recorded at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, New York, and produced by Josh Kaufman, the album finds Helm exploring themes of womanhood, single motherhood, and personal struggles, offering songs that are deeply personal and narrative-driven. With Silver City, Helm embraces the beauty of age, survival, and transformation through her powerful, story-rooted performances.