Our Galleries

The Sheldon Art Galleries host an ambitious exhibition program, showing artists of local, national and international importance. The galleries span 7,000 square feet in seven independent exhibit spaces.

Our installations are curated to be conduits of curiosity that inspire love for visual art, whether you’re a young student or a lifelong aficionado. We don’t just regurgitate the conversations happening in the art world; we move them forward. And we’re not afraid to be the first to put the spotlight on an artist waiting in the wings.

Create Your Own Mini-Mini Golf Hole!

Student artists! Design and create your own mini-mini golf hole, and show it off on your (or your parents’) social media! Tag #thesheldon and #golfthegalleries and you could be featured on The Sheldon’s social media page!

Using a curriculum created by Dr. Angela Zinkl of The Wilson School, the mini-mini golf hole building project teaches students about math concepts such as angles of reflection. Encourage your students to get creative with the theme they choose for their hole! The curriculum was written for 4th and 5th graders, but all ages can participate and have fun learning about the math and science behind mini golf!

Download Curriculum