Our People

Our staff forges true relationships with artists and patrons, embodying Arts Without Borders.

We’re proud to offer our visitors concierge service that’s more than professional; it’s personal. Our passionate team of arts professionals and dedicated board members are here for you. If there is something we can do to better your Sheldon experience, let us know.

The Sheldon Staff

The Sheldon Arts Foundation Board

Cheryl D.Walker

Vice Chairs
Christopher Danforth
Sue Engelhardt
David O. Gifford

Board of Directors
Dr. Yemi S. Akande-Bartsch
Kevin Alm
Anne Bannister
Christy Beckmann
Marion Black*
Kimmy Brauer*
Ashley Rene Casey
Ryan C. Easley
Robert J. Endicott
Jerry Grant
Dr. Christopher J. Hagedorn
Mark R. Halton
David M. Hohman
Robert E. Jones
Martha Garcia Kampen
Tamara Keefe
Ward Klein
Nancy Kranzberg
Madt Mallinckrodt
Richard H. Marriott, Jr.
Dr. Juri McDowell
Neva Moskowvitz*
John R. Musgrave
Nina Needleman
Peter T. Noonan
Mary Patterson
Maurice Quiroga
Tara Raeber Vail
Peggy Ritter*
Tom Ruwitch
Dr. Richard H. Shaw
Dr. Thomas M. Siler
Laura Slay
Dr. Kenneth R. Smith, Jr.
Thelma Steward
Mark Stuart-Smith
Peggy W. Symes
Thomas K. Vandiver
Mary Pillsbury Wainwright
John S. Wallach
James A. Watson
Robert J. Will
Michael Williams


Sheldon Advisory Committee

Rosanne Cash
Dale Fiehler
Art McCoy
John Pizzarelli
Michael Staenberg
Wynton Marsalis

Friends of The Sheldon Board

Ashley R. Casey

Friends Board
Amisha Bhatt
Justin Frazer
Allie Gordon
Keith Grady
Bob Harrison
Richard Hearn
Jackson Holland
Garrett Jackson
Bob Jones
David Kirkland
Jazmin Maya
Libby Pedersen
David Rath
Ted Wight
Victor Zarrilli