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Missouri musicians have played significant roles in the creation and development of many genres of music – including fiddle music, blues, ragtime, jazz, country, bluegrass, rhythm and blues, hip hop and classical music.  Diverse musicians, either from Missouri or who made Missouri their home for a time, have contributed in important ways to American music and continue to innovate in their chosen genres.

Much more could be written about each music genre and its history in Missouri, and many more Missouri musicians could be featured. We hope the educational materials of SHOW ME THE MUSIC inspire your own research and the discovery of many talented Missourians. We also hope it inspires composers to create their own music, performers to share their talents, and audiences to attend live concerts and support the music and musicians in their own community.

The Sheldon thanks the following individuals for their assistance in the creation of these educational materials:  Dr. Janet Brown, Dr. Michael Budds, Dr. Robert Feibel, Kevin Johnson, Howard Marshall, Dennis Owsley, and Paul Reuter.

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Education materials – MEET MISSOURI MUSICIANS!

Message to educators:

We are excited to share with you and your students the activities below on Missouri Music and Musicians, a celebration of the Missouri Bicentennial. These activities address not only Fine Arts Standards, but Social Studies and ELA Standards as well, as we ask students to explore Missouri music and musicians in a historical and cultural context.

These activities are presented with suggested grade levels, but as you will see, they can all be adapted to other grade levels as well. Please use them as a jumping off point for your own creative teaching ideas!

Educators’ Guides, Meet Missouri Musicians, with Missouri Learning Standards addressed:


The following education materials are linked below, by genre:

  • Definitions of music genres – Blues, Bluegrass, Classical, Country, Fiddling, Hip Hop, Jazz, Ragtime, Rhythm & Blues and Rock
  • Brief description of the history of those genres in Missouri
  • Bios of Missouri musicians, either born in Missouri or who worked here, in each genre

Missouri Music