More Life is a series that explores the journey of rediscovering authenticity and self-acceptance. It captures the essence of childhood innocence, where mismatched socks and a carefree appearance symbolize the freedom from societal expectations. The paintings depict the universal desire to return to a pure, uninhibited state, shedding external judgments along the way. Self-confidence and dedication emerge as central themes, encouraging viewers to embrace imperfections and recover their inner child. Through its journalistic approach, More Life is a visual narrative inspiring a reconnection with one’s core identity and a celebration of the joyous, curious, and life-loving spirit within. 

Taylor Marrie is a visual artist based in St. Louis, Missouri. After graduating from Webster University in 2023 with her BFA, she was selected as a Saint Louis Art Fair Emerging Artist of 2022. She works as children’s art camp teacher at the Foundry Arts Centre in St. Charles, Missouri where she also maintains a studio. 

  • Meet the Artist, Taylor Marrie, on Friday, May 3 at 7 p.m. Taylor Marrie will have coloring pages from her original drawings available.


The Sheldon’s exhibition series is supported by The Bellwether Foundation, Barbara and Arthur McDonnell and the Regional Arts Commission and the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency.