The Peter Yarrow & Noel Paul Stookey concert at The Sheldon, most recently rescheduled to September 17, has now been cancelled. All tickets purchased will be refunded. Thank you for your understanding.

A note from the artist:

A decade ago Peter received a chemotherapy protocol called Rituxan which is used to slow and cure certain types of cancer. Although the treatment was successful, we recently learned that Rituxan interferes with the body’s ability to manufacture antibodies, and upon being tested, Peter was advised that he is not significantly protected by his Covid vaccine shot. Although there are new protocols being studied and developed, Peter’s doctors have advised him that, for the present time, he should not fly, and that he must take precautions as if he has no protection against Covid at all. 

In light of this information, not knowing how soon it will be safe for Peter to travel and perform again, we have decided that it would be most prudent to cancel the concerts that are currently scheduled and consider re-booking them when the present risks have been eliminated. We are sorry for this disappointing news but we are also grateful to you and others for your support and understanding in this Covid-challenging time.

MetroTix will automatically issue a full refund all ticket buyers.