Celebrate the season as the Preservation Hall Jazz Band returns with the Creole Christmas concert series. Join as the band performs New Orleans classics as well as some of our best-loved holiday selections with a twist.

At a moment when musical streams are crossing with unprecedented frequency, it’s crucial to remember that throughout its history, New Orleans has been the point at which sounds and cultures from around the world converge, mingle, and resurface, transformed by the Crescent City’s inimitable spirit and joie de vivre. Nowhere is that idea more vividly embodied than in the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, which has held the torch of New Orleans music aloft for more than 50 years, all the while carrying it enthusiastically forward as a reminder that the history they were founded to preserve is a vibrantly living history.

For those wary that a band with the rich history of the PHJB is tackling new material, Jaffe is quick to point out that Preservation Hall – which his parents, Allan and Sandra Jaffe, founded in 1961 – was never meant to be a museum. At its beginnings it broke racial boundaries to present the living legends of New Orleans music, living links to the origins of jazz. Today, with a band whose ages range nearly 60 years, the mission remains the same: to pass on the traditions while continually revitalizing it with new blood and fresh ideas.

“I see it as something that’s necessary for the evolution and survival of New Orleans music,” Jaffe says. “Interpreting the repertoire that’s been around for a hundred years is one thing, but the challenge is to keep that repertoire and those traditions alive while at the same time being honest about who you are as a musician, allowing all of your musical influences to be reflected in what you create.”

Join us before Preservation Hall Jazz Band for dinner in the Sheldon Ballroom! The Sheldon is pleased to host a pre-show dinner before the concert provided by local restaurant 4Hens Creole Kitchen.

Click here to purchase dinner.

Dinner will begin at 6 p.m. in The Sheldon Ballroom. Dinner tickets are $38 per person (gratuity included) with a cash bar available.

Dinner tickets are only available to purchase until Monday, December 11 at 12 p.m., so make sure to add it onto your ticket before it’s too late!

4Hens Creole Kitchen, located at The Foundry, uses all the traditional flavors of creole food but with a modern twist.


-Mixed greens topped with cucumbers, tomatoes and croutons served with dirty mustard vinaigrette or Creole ranch
-Succotash Soup- Okra, corn and tomatoes slow simmered with a blend of Creole spices.
-Creole Toast- French bread toast points topped with Creole cream sauce and mozzarella cheese and baked to perfection.
-Jambalaya Pasta- Pan Seared Chicken, andouille sausage, tri color peppers and  onion tossed and a Creole tomato sauce.

Orders are due by Monday, December 11 at 12 p.m. Dinner does not include a concert ticket.


Sponsored by RubinBrown and Tom and Cynthia Siler