STEAM for Your Students

The Sheldon SOLID Project (Science of Learning Instrument Design) is a STEAM-based program that challenges students to design and create their own musical instruments by following the steps of the engineering cycle.

SOLID is designed to get students excited about creative problem solving by combining the creativity of the arts with STEM disciplines. This program provides the opportunity for students to receive instruction from Saint Louis Science Center and Sheldon staff, where they will learn about the connected worlds of sound, science and art. 

All SOLID programming will be offered virtually this year!

Virtual learning opportunities include:

  • A 45 minute zoom demonstration on the “Science of Sound” given by a Saint Louis Science Center representative. Q&A and student participation involved!
  • A 45 minute zoom classroom session with a Sheldon teaching artist to assist in the instrument design and build.
  • New this year! The Sheldon will provide supplemental topical videos relating to sound, instrument design, and acoustics, produced by the Saint Louis Science Center!

SOLID is generously underwritten by The Boeing Company and in collaboration with the Saint Louis Science Center.

Bring SOLID Into Your Classroom

How to Get Started with SOLID

  • Step 1

  • Step 2

    Request a Saint Louis Science Center educator to present virtually to your classroom on the “Science of Sound” for FREE.

  • Step 3

    Request a Sheldon teaching artist to present virtually on instrument design and assist your classroom in starting the project for FREE.

  • Step 4

    Implement SOLID curriculum provided by The Sheldon into your classroom.

    Our teacher handbooks provide the tools needed for teachers to lead their students in an innovative set of classroom activities. Over the course of 3 to 6 class periods, students will follow the steps of the engineering cycle to create a musical instrument that can change pitch and volume. Teaching artists are available to assist virtually in your classroom.

  • Step 5

    Submit your students’ instruments to be displayed at The Sheldon for the spring reception and exhibit, generally held in late April. The format of this reception will be determined at a later date as we consider what is safest for all participating.